The acceptance of all reservations are subject to these booking conditions which form a contractual relationship between Ekno Experience Tours & Travels Pty Ltd (Ekno Experience) ABN 51 121 148 427 and its clients. It is important that clients understand these booking conditions before making a booking.

To make a booking Ekno Experience requires names in full (as per passports) of all passengers, and a pre-departure contact phone number and a non-refundable deposit of 50% of tour cost per person is due to Ekno Experience within 7 days. The balance is due 60 days prior to departure. Failure to pay by the due date may result in cancellation of the booking. For bookings made within 60 days of departure, payment in full is due immediately upon confirmation.

We strongly recommend that a comprehensive travel insurance policy be purchased at the time of booking your tour. Contact Ekno Experience for details.

Amendments to confirmed bookings will be subject to a fee of USD50 per change. Within 60 days of departure and once documentation has been issued, amendments may also be subject to cancellation fees. Should you need to cancel a booking, notification in writing must be made to Ekno Experience.
The following cancellation fees will apply:
 More than 60 days before departure: Deposit
 60 to 45 days before departure: deposit plus 20% of the cost
 Less than 45 days before departure- 100% of all monies paid
No refund will be given for unused or cancelled services once travel has commenced.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and are based on tariffs and current exchange rates. Whilst considerable care has been taken in pricing the travel arrangements, circumstances may change to necessitate changes in itineraries and cost. Any increase must be borne by the client, notwithstanding that deposits or full monies may have already been paid.

Group departures are subject to minimum passenger numbers and Ekno Experience have the right to cancel, amend, offer alternative tours, or refunds to clients should the minimum number not be attained.

A valid passport is required for all international travel. A visa is required to enter India. Ekno Experience will not accept responsibility for passengers who fail to obtain correct travel documents.

International touring can involve a considerable amount of walking on uneven surfaces and stair climbing. To take full advantage of the itinerary it is important that all tour participants have a level of physical fitness that allows them to take part in all activities, without the need of assistance from others. In addition, we recommend that travelers seek advice from a medical practitioner regarding current health requirements, if any, for the countries to be visited.

Please consult the official travel advice issued by the Foreign Affairs Department of your country. We recommend that you review this information both prior to making a booking and again prior to departure.

The tour price does not include travel insurance, passport and visa fees, excess baggage charges, gratuities, laundry, phone calls and other communication costs, drinks, meals not listed in the itinerary, and all items of a personal nature.

All forms of transportation and accommodation are provided by independent third parties, and standards and conditions may vary from what has been quoted. Ekno Experience has no control over such changes and makes no guarantee regarding this. Should any independent third party, service provider, hotelier or carrier cancel services or provide different services to those expressly mentioned by Ekno Experience, the client agrees to have no claim or cause of action whatsoever against Ekno Experience. All vouchers and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the suppliers and all services are subject to the laws of the country where the services are provided.

Ekno Experience guarantees that the client obtains the travel, accommodation and other associated services contracted by the client. When presented with clear evidence that services paid for were not provided to the client that resulted in subsequent changes, delays, loss of services later in the planned itinerary, and it is proven that such altered services were due to negligence or willful mismanagement by Ekno Experience then Ekno Experience, at its sole discretion, will determine the appropriate recovery action and/or compensation to be paid to the client. This will vary upon the circumstances but will be no less than the minimum cost required to recover from an element of failed service (paid to the client direct or to the ground operator responsible for correcting the situation) through to, but not exceeding, a full repayment to the client of the full cost paid by the client in the event of major disruption to contracted services whereupon it was impossible for the clients to continue with the contracted arrangements at all.

Notwithstanding the Service Guarantee above, Ekno Experience and the client(s) understand the Booking Conditions described herein have been read and accepted by the client(s). Ekno Experience accepts no responsibility for any accident, damage, loss, injury, sickness, death, cancellation, delay, detention, deviation, substitutions or other unforeseen event unless caused expressly by the negligent or willful act of itself or its employees. Every endeavour has been made by Ekno Experience to ensure that all services are accurate at the time of final payment and Ekno Experience shall not be under any obligation or be liable to any person for any loss or damage suffered as a result of an inaccuracy or misdescription contained herein; or which may arise as a result of any changes in or withdrawal of any price, detail or service appearing herein due to circumstances beyond its direct control due to the actions or failures of third party carriers, sub-contractors, governments bodies, military or terrorist actions.



Ekno Tours and Travels PVT LTD (known as Ekno Travels) registered company in India (GSIN: 02AADCE01 01G1ZP), act as Tour Operators contracting some services from other tour operators, Travel Agents, Airlines, Hotels and others, herein referred to as Service Providers.

1. GETTING STARTED: A booking is made by completing the booking form and returning same with your deposit of 50% of tour cost per person to Ekno Tours and Travels. A Confirmation Pack will be sent to you as soon as possible after receipt of your booking form and deposit. It is a condition of booking that you arrange comprehensive travel insurance with emergency evacuation cover prior to travel. If travel insurance cover cannot be obtained for a medical condition, or any reason, you must advise us immediately.
Please note the deposit is strictly non–refundable. Payment: Final balance is due 65 days prior to your arrival in India. If you book less than 65 days prior to departure then full payment must be made at time of booking. If payment is not made by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

2. TRIP PRICE: The trip price is based on costs and exchange rates current at time of printing this brochure. We reserve the right to adjust prices due to exchange rate fluctuations. Wherever possible we will endeavour to contact you and allow you to make full payment to avoid an increase due to exchange rate fluctuations, however we cannot guarantee that this will be possible. If we receive any increase in prices for services, these increases may be passed on even after final balance has been received.

3. CANCELLATION BY YOU: If you cancel your trip, land and air cancellation fees apply. The fee is determined by the date that we receive written notification of your cancellation. Fees are as follows: Days before departure: More than 65 days: loss of deposit, 65 days or less: 100% of total booking cost. Depending on your reason for cancelling, charges may be recoverable by you under your insurance policy. CANCELLATION BY US: Our tour departures are subject to minimum numbers being obtained. We reserve the right to cancel the tour if minimum numbers are not achieved within 60 days of the scheduled departure date. We will advise anyone affected no later than 60 days prior to departure and in this case all monies paid to us by you will be refunded except any payment for travel insurance. No responsibility is taken by us for any costs incurred for goods or services purchased by you independently for this tour. These costs might include, but are not limited to, costs imposed by an airline on cancelled advance purchase airline tickets.

4. EVACUATION: In the unlikely event that you are evacuated from the trek for any reason, all costs associated with the evacuation are your expense. Costs include, but are not limited to, evacuation costs by helicopter or fixed wing aircraft, medical expenses, doctors fees, additional accommodation and transport. From the moment you leave the trek itinerary, any meals, accommodation or services provided at the evacuation point are at your expense. No refunds are given for unused services.

5. ACCEPTING INHERENT DANGERS: You understand and accept that your proposed tour may expose you to inherent dangers. This tour is physically and mentally challenging. Only people in good physical and mental condition should undertake this tour. Ekno Tours and Travels strongly advises and recommends that you check with your doctor and ensure that your health is sound and you are able to undertake a rigorous training programme as necessary. You must accept that you may be travelling through a remote area where outside assistance may be delayed or unavailable if an unforeseen event occurs. This may be due to medical, weather or political situations and may affect you or other members of the group. You must understand and accept that a medical emergency in any area may be life threatening and by completing this booking form you accept these potential adverse and unfavourable conditions and potential life threatening situations as your choice. You agree that Ekno Travels staff have answered, in a forthright manner, all questions you may have asked regarding all aspects of your travels, in particular, questions regarding Health, Fitness, Physical and Mental challenges and risks.

6. LIABILITY RELEASE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Ekno Tours and Travels will always endeavour to act with due care and skill. Where Ekno Tours and Travels utilise Services Providers, Ekno Tours and Travels is not responsible for the acts and omissions of these Service Providers, including tour guides, for any loss, damage or expense, including loss of money paid in advance which you may incur as a consequence of the acts, omissions and negligence of others. As soon as possible on receipt of your completed booking form and deposit, you will be sent with your Confirmation Pack, an ‘Indemnity & Release Form’, This must be read, understood, signed and scanned, returned by email.

7. YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS: We strongly recommend a visit to your doctor immediately to determine if you have any health issues that may prevent you from participating in this holiday. You must ask your doctor about current inoculation requirements. If you have a completed Medical Questionnaire, some clients, in particular those with pre-existing medical conditions may be asked to obtain a clearance from their doctor as to their ability to undertake your travels. If you are aged 60 years or over at time of trip departure, you will be sent a medical clearance form which must be signed by a doctor.  We reserve the right, at our discretion, to cancel any booking and refund any monies paid. During your tour you are under the authority of your tour leader who has authority to determine your suitability to continue with your tour.

8. MINORS: Acceptance of a minor on a trip is strictly at the discretion of Ekno Tours and Travels. In most cases we are happy to accept minors. Please enquire.

9. USE OF PHOTOS: You agree that Ekno Travels may use images of you taken during your trip without recourse to you and without compensation to you. The images will be for marketing and promotional purposes only and the selected medium will be at Ekno Travels discretion.