Holidays and retreats in your own backyard can be as fun as travelling to somewhere exotic. No hurrying to get to the airport in time, lining up for check in for an hour then enduring that exhausting over night flight only to do it all again when you get there and on the way home.

Sometimes it is good to take a break close to home.  I did recently, in  my own backyard yard, the Scenic Rim. I went on a retreat at Mt Alford.  The air was clear and crisp, the noise from cars non existent and the resident wildlife in abundance.  This combined with outdoor yoga, drinks by the fire, lots of laughs and good home cooking for fuel, it was a perfect way to charge the batteries without all the extra fuss and stress of air travel.    

We can organise your perfect retreat – find that venue that suits your needs, organise transport and help with the preparation.  With many years of working with groups in India and the subcontinent, it is time to arrange them in our own backyard also.

Contact us for off the beaten track ideas/retreats etc. There are many hidden gems out there. 

Thanks to @robynmoller for the photo of @rachelhodder