When you travel as much as I do, people often ask ‘where’s your favourite place?’  I used to stop and think a minute.  Now I don’t have to think, I know and I have an instant answer Mt Koyasan.  The most sacred place in the world.  It is simply stunning.

Mt Koya or Mt Koyasan as it is often referred to has been a sacred place that has welcomed pilgrimas and visitors from all over the world.  It is small town made up of temples, shrines and pagodas and happens to be the birthplace and home of Singon Buddhism, also known as Esoteric Buddhism.  It is the largest religious centre for Buddhist study in Japan nd has been a UNSECO World Heritage listed site since 2004.

There are many highlights of the town including the Kongobu-ji Temple which isi the main temple of Mt Koyasan.  It along with Konpon Daito Pagoda is another icon of the town.  Standing at 49m it was constructed in 816AD and the structure is big orange in colour and can be seen at many vantage points throughout the town.

One of the other highlights include Okunoin, the cemetary on the edge of town which carries 200,000 gravestones and immaculately cared for.  There are centuries old cedar trees that line the path that runs through the centre of the cemetary and at night it is absolutely capitvating.