There is so much to consider when travelling to a new place – getting the lay of the land, the best attractions to visit, finding out where the great food and coffee is etc. The list is personal but as life long traveler, going for nature walks is my thing when travelling as it connects me to that place – to breathe in the surrounds, admire the local vegetation to stop the consistent movement and connect with the stillness and beauty of the local flora and fauna. The sights, sounds and smells of that forest or the openness of the sky with a back drop of mountains are those experiences I treasure. The Japanese have a wonderful term called ‘Forest Bathing’. This is an in-depth practice found to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and levels of harmful hormones, which your body produces when it’s stressed. Being amongst nature can help put you in a more calm and relaxed state.407A9D51-801A-4BF0-B12B-DFD3BF9063DE

One of my favourite places to do just this, is in the Dharamsala area of India. It has those Deododar forests and walking tracks which take in the Himalayas as a magnificent backdrop to any day or overnight walk. We have partnered with a local company Dharamsala Adventures to give you those experiences as part of our Bespoke Experiences 4B9A5EE6-4671-4845-BD92-7F35D7F8CC13