While we all take time out of travelling, we at Ekno Travels thought we would take the chance to catch up with some specialised leaders who bring groups to India (our specialised country). They all have stories of their love of travel, what inspires them to keep travelling and to bring their own groups to India in their own specialist area such as a Seasoned Trekker – Ray Baker , Photography teacher – David LazarRefugee and Life Coach –  Amber ChandBuddhist Teacher – Venerable KartsonSpiritual Adviser/Teacher – Angela Hryniuk, Adventure Specialists Icon Adventures  – Suzanne Holden and Vibrant Women Travel – Tammie Day.

You will also find on our You Tube Channel other travel videos including virtual tours of villages in India, amazing life stories, reflections of travel and so much more.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0qoBUnA2N2XsZpRV7kImKg