Indrahar Pass is part of the spectacular Dhauladhar range from the global hill station of McLeod Ganj in northern India. The Dhauladhar are a dramatic example of the geological forces that shape the Himalayas. Formed as the Indian plate juts under the Eurasian plate, they rise to 5,639m at their peak, towering over the Indian plains, their jagged rock peaks pointing skywards.

The Indrahar trek follows the ancient Gaddi herding routes to Indrahar Pass (4,300m) winding through thick pine forests and rock formations. Vikas Kumar, our inhouse resident Tour Manager recently went on this adventure and is happy to share this video of the geographic and cultural history of the area. Check out the video.

We invite you to join us on a trek into these spectacular mountains.

Indrahar Pass is at a high altitude it is imperative that a high fitness level required for an enjoyable experience, see our itinerary. +91 94187 91001

Suzanne Holden runs a successful travel and trekking company in Toowoomba, Australia. 

She started her working life as a tea lady, a job she took way too seriously (trust us, tea is something of an obsession with her), she wins the gold star for giving everything a go. As a former police officer, Suzanne, joined the ICON team with not only a can-do attitude but also a bloody-well-will-do attitude too. If she’s in charge of a tour or helping to organise independent travel , rest-assured it is  like her tea, done to the highest and most meticulous standard.

Vikas Kumar from our India Office recently caught up with Suzanne.

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Tammie Day is an Australian-based Social Worker, Yoga, Mindfulness and Nia dance teacher, Retreat Facilitator, Trainer and Travel Guide. She is the founder of Vibrant Women Travel which takes people around the world on retreats and inspirational journeys. A job that enables her to pursue everything that makes her heart sing.

A job that enables her to pursue everything that makes her heart sing. She is addicted to travel, ice-cream and coffee. Lover of massages, sleeping in, sunsets, sarongs, sweet musings, star gazing, day dreaming, aromatherapy, nature and belly laughs. She believes in giving back and meaningful interactions. She is committed to supporting women to stay Vibrant in a world that can sometimes feel as though it is dulling your sparkle.

Vikas Kumar from our India office recently interviewed Tammie.  

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Angela Hryniuk regularly leads groups to India and Vikas Kumar from our office recently interviewed Angela.

Over the past 35 years, Angela has built a global community of thousands of spiritual seekers and entrepreneurs, including Presidents, Kings, and Olympians, has sat over 40,000 hours in meditation, is the originator of the renowned Inner Odyssey Method © , has nearly half a million views on Youtube of one of her signature meditations, and helps thousands world-wide create balance between their spiritual and material worlds.

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