While on a visit to Jodphur, India last year,  a mystery was uncovered.  The significance of turbans worn by Rajasthani men and how to wrap and tie one.

Turbans are an important part of their attire and are referred to as the Pagari. They vary in style, colour and size and indicate the person’s caste, region and the occasion it is being worn for. The wearer starts out with a length of material usually 9-10 meters long and in some cases can be up to 15 meters long too.Rajasthani turbans 1

Single colour turbans are worn by farmers and shepherds, these are big in size and tied loose to adjust to the heat of the desert region. Colorful turbans are worn by the elite or indicates festival, wedding or a special occasions.Rajasthani turbans 4

Turbans are known by different names in Hindi like Paag, Safa and Pagri and there is a saying in Rajasthan that every 15 km you travel the style changes. Theh prominent ones being Pencha, Sela and Safa.

I loved seeing the men wearing their turbans as I travelled throughout the rural areas of Rajasthan,and now understand the significance of the Pagari (turbans).  You may get a chance to wear one like my travelling companion Brooke and I did in a small village just outside of Jodphur. I loved the experience and am confident you will too.Rajasthani turbans 3