Interview with Suzanne from Icon Adventures

Suzanne Holden

Suzanne Holden runs a successful travel and trekking company in Toowoomba, Australia. 

She started her working life as a tea lady, a job she took way too seriously (trust us, tea is something of an obsession with her), she wins the gold star for giving everything a go. As a former police officer, Suzanne, joined the ICON team with not only a can-do attitude but also a bloody-well-will-do attitude too. If she’s in charge of a tour or helping to organise independent travel , rest-assured it is  like her tea, done to the highest and most meticulous standard.

Vikas Kumar from our India Office recently caught up with Suzanne.

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Sharon Thrupp
Sharon is passionate about India and the Himalayan region. She believes that while her Australia is her country by birth, India is the country of her heart. She first went to India in 1996 and later returned to volunteer helping Tibetans in Dharamsala in 2001, fell in love with the Himalayas and stayed. She is currently involved in a NGO in India helping underprivileged girls continue their education and spends her spare time walking in the foothills of the Himalayas and doing yoga.